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We find novelty in familiarity. Change the culture with good products.


Diary Business

In 2018, it is operated by launching a " europe" in 2018.Through close collaboration relationship with overseas oil manufacturers that produce high quality products, and develop global distribution networks through local direct development production through local direct development production.The world is our touch field.It will be more important to make our food in our technology, which will be more important in the future.EuroPod is preparing for growth as a customer-friendly oil product brand, and further growth as a comprehensive food brand.

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Bio-plastic Business

Eurofarms is currently studying eco-friendly products and technologies to solve the environmental problems facing the Earth. Although the bioplastics market is very small and products are mass-produced very limited, it is a high-growth business that is of high interest worldwide to reach carbon neutrality in 2050. Currently, we are developing live-action products such as agricultural mulching films and garbage bags, and we aim to expand various product lines in the future. We are also making close agreements with global companies.

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